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Online Presence and Branding Your School

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Why is Branding and online presence important?

In this era of intensifying competition, It is impossible to stand out among the crowd just by having a grand infrastructure. If you want to be the first choice of every parent, you need to promise them a nurturing environment. We help you become the best version of yourself by recognizing your strengths and enhancing your brand image. We ensure that there is a constant and effective presence of your school throughout the branding activities we undertake. This will ultimately help in boosting the admissions in the schools.

What do we offer?

Our services include everything from designing the school website, enhancing the digital footprint to training and recruiting teachers. We assist you in all the marketing activities and help you take a step forward towards your vision. If your admissions are lower than expected or you are struggling to attract enough students, Rareminds provides you with unique designs and solutions to delight the community and reshape your brand. We will help you communicate in an effective manner through our multi-channel approach, digital expertise and creative strategies like:

Official website: We assist you in designing your website in a way that it properly reflects your goals and vision because we believe in making the first point of contact between you and your potential students to be really effective.

Social Media Marketing: We help you grab the attention of parents and students by widening your digital footprint on various social media platforms.

Digital Marketing: We dive in the digital to establish your school’s presence online and improve on engaging more parents and students. We offer email marketing as well as online promotional activities.

Content Marketing: We market your school by communicating your story and high value content through fascinating ways to potential pupils, students and parents. This can be done either via school blogs or social media posts.

Brand strategy: We ensure that the school’s brand is rightly positioned in a student’s mind as a place that enriches a student with 360-degree learning experience inclusive of functional and emotional offerings. All forms of marketing communication are to attract the best minds and build positive image of your school.

Training Programs: We implement recruitment and training programs for teachers/staff to enhance their expertise and make them the most important assets for your school.

Events: We assist in organizing offline events where parents and students can engage with teachers and have a tour of your school. This will take them one step closer to taking admission in your schools.

Design and Print Management: We not only help in in designing effective brochures and
stationary packages but also in paper selection, printing review and supervision to grab the
prospect’s attention.

About the Instructor

The trainers in the program come with vast corporate experience. The trainers come in from different sectors of the industry and bring in their rich experience to share with us.