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Factors which make teachers to choose the right Teacher development program

Changes in child psychology: Child psychology includes not only how children grow physically, but with their mental, emotional, and social development as well. As the psychology of the kid’s changes continuously a
teacher must have a solid understanding of how kids grow, think and behave.

Change in attitude of students:

There are many reasons why the attitude of a student changes. A positive attitude helps a student to maintain top-notch results despite mistakes or faults previously and also is the reason behind the drive to work hard. Today’s students are different from the students of the olden days, tomorrows will show a higher degree of difference. If the teacher is unable to catch the change in the attitude of the students it becomes for them to teach effectively.

Change in taste of students:

The students will have their skills and areas of interest that they might be willing to develop and work on improving those. So teachers must identify them and use relevant examples of that area by elaborating the incidents involved.

Knowledge explosion in the world:

Knowledge explosion is the phenomena in which new theories and facts are born every day in all possible fields. The problem of managing the information becomes a lot difficult for the teachers. The teachers must adopt certain techniques to gather knowledge from all the sources and use them effectively for day to day teaching.

Development in the field of science and technology:

Technology is a powerful tool that can support and transform education in many ways, from making it easier
for students to learn and get access to information from various sources to enable new ways for people to learn and work together. Technology has become a common part of day to day life of all human beings. So it has become mandatory for all individuals to learn how to use them for personal and professional development. Similarly, it has become essential for teachers also to be proficient in using them to teach better. Changed curriculum and learning experience: Good understanding of change and a clear conception of the curriculum are necessary conditions for the improved implementation of the new curriculum into practice. The change in curriculum is good
for the students only if the teacher is well trained and has adequate knowledge and resources to handle that change. This demands the teachers to go for updating their ideas and objectives of the latest curriculum.

Latest trends in the teaching-learning process:

There are many new trends in the teaching process being introduced every year to catch up with the present growth and change in technologies. The usage of processes like project teaching, experiential learning, digital teaching has taken place in recent years. Teachers must always ensure to be updated with these processes for effective teaching.

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26 May, 2021