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How to become the Complete Architect Professional

Congratulations, you have done it. You have endured the rigor and hardships of your challenging B. Arch program and are about to graduate. You possess complete theoretical and practical knowledge of a qualified architect. While this is a huge achievement you should be proud of, there remain some doubts – the unpredictability of your first job, the uncertainty of making it as a professional. Add to that the prevailing adverse economic scenario and bleak job market, and it seems doubly challenging. As an inexperienced architect fresh out of college, it is only natural for you to feel a little daunted. And that is why we have addressed your issues here, to make life easier for you. We will tell you what you need to do to become the ideal architecture professional.

Build your Personal Brand

The first step towards becoming a thorough professional is to invest time in developing your personal brand – your unique identity and voice. Your brand is a representation of who you are to other people. It is how you choose to promote yourself, your skills, experience and personality. A personal brand develops your credibility and helps prospective employers, clients and co-workers to form a favorable impression about you. Successful professionals build their brand by leveraging social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as blogging tools such as Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, etc. You can use these platforms to display your portfolio, connect with other architects and find your own authoritative voice.

Why is it important? Architecture firms, HR managers and most importantly, potential clients increasingly look at a candidate’s online profile before meeting them for the first time to decide whether he/she is the right person for them. In this regard, a well-crafted brand strategy will create the sort of first impression that will not only get you interview shortlists but will also ensure you stand out from the competition throughout any selection

Don’t shy away from Networking

While networking is essential in any industry, it is especially important for an architect. This
is because, when clients are choosing an architect, it is not just his skills and achievements
that matter, but also recommendations and references from fellow professionals.
Networking also helps when you are looking to join a firm. Having a personal connect with
someone already working for the firm you want to apply to makes the process much easier
for you and gives a major boost to your chances of selection.

So, how do you go about creating your network?

Of course, this is where your personal brand comes in handy, which is why we asked you to focus on that first. Having a significant online presence will make it easier for you to reach out to other architects. LinkedIn is a great way to build connections with influential people. You can search for people who are working in your areas of interest and follow them. Your goal should be to have meaningful conversations with them. Carefully look at any content which they have posted and shared. This will give you plenty of matter based on which you start conversations.

Prepare for the Interview

Job interviews can be very intimidating, and so it is important to know how to approach them. Everyone knows that they have to prepare, but there has to be a method to your approach; otherwise, you will be wasting your efforts. First, research the firm and the role well. Check out their website, their social media handles
and any other articles on them. Learn what kind of projects they do, the hierarchy, important people in the firm and their culture. Look up their employees on LinkedIn and see if you have any mutual connections. This is where your networking efforts may come in handy. Then prepare your pitch. Yes, approach your interview as if it were a sales pitch, where you are selling yourself. Again, if you have already created your personal brand, this will be much easier. After studying the job description, decide which projects and skills you are going to talk about, based on their relevance to the job. You may not have time to talk about everything you have. Finally, practice your pitch. Rehearse your answers to commonly asked interview questions in such a way that you are able to blend in your pitch smoothly along with the answers.

Click here to find how you can build your personal brand, create your professional network
and prepare for interviews.

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26 May, 2021