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How To Increase Your College Placements?

A quick guide to the Training and Placement Officers

Are companies interviewing and not hiring students? Are you feeling this is an impossible task during pandemic?

Training and Placement Officers, we often come across situations where we have to wear multiple hats and think from the management point of view , college brand market while empathize from the real stakeholders – the students’ to make everything as smooth as possible and find a way to increase college placements. Furthermore, we need to maintain corporate relations.

The task is difficult. Students will hold the college placement team responsible for not getting good companies to the college. While, the college administration will expect results and it’s your ownership for placements, both quality and quantity. After all, a college’s reputation in modern times depends on the quality of placements it offers. Juggling everything may seem tedious at times, but there is nothing like it when a student gets his/her dream job. The students and the college will appreciate the placement team for all the efforts it takes.

Here are a few tips that might be useful for you as a Training and Placement Officers:

1. Build Your College Profile: Social media advertising and marketing have become most important for any business to grow. The same is the case with colleges. It is vital to promote your college on social networking sites through your handle, as you are the face of your college.

A LinkedIn handle is also a must. Keep connecting to HRs and recruiters of your industry. Moreover, do post the achievements of the college and its stakeholders, include images of various events and college infrastructure, mention the mission & vision statements, and past placement records as well. This will help you stay relevant in the eyes of recruiters and HRs of various organizations. Create your own brand image.

2. Have Placement Assistance Committee: Most of the colleges have 300+ students in each batch. In order to place all these students, you must have a dedicated placement assistance team. This team can consist of 2 professors and 8-10 students.

These will be involved in placement-related activities. However, do make sure that you keep a careful watch over this committee to avoid any malpractices. See how Rareminds has contributed to improve college placements.

3. Training: Being a Training and Placement Officer, you must conduct regular and outcome-based training programs for the students. These training sessions may include anything and everything from Technical Skills to Soft Skills. It is often seen that colleges conduct these pieces of training for fourth-year students only. Check our testimonials.

However, it is advised that these training programs start from the second or third term itself so that students exactly understand the practical applications of the academic syllabus and industry expectations. Do invest time and money in conducting these continuous developmental training sessions as they add much value compared to the 2 or 3 days webinars or workshops. This will help them stay ahead of the ever-increasing competition.

4. Resume building: It is often seen that students copy-paste the resumes, and these resumes are forwarded to the recruiters. As a placement committee, it is crucial to ensure that each resume is unique and reflects the true self of the student. If you feel the need to seek assistance from external firms to provide resume-related assistance to the students, please do involve them. Companies’ HRs will always appreciate relevant, and quality resumes instead of the quantity.

Also, if you do not have students having the qualities or skills required by the company, let the company know that in advance. Just forwarding random resumes will put your college in a bad light only. This might also hamper your future collaborations with the company. See the change that Rareminds brings.

Although this list is not exhaustive, these are some of the must-haves in today’s times. Please do remember that you are the one having a critical responsibility on your shoulders and can do it amazingly!

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8 June, 2021