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How to increase productivity When You Work From Home

Different people have different views regarding work from home, for some, it’s the best thing, for some it’s dreadful. Some things are not under our control and since last year work from home is the new normal. Whether we like it or not, we need to find ways to increase productivity when working from home.

Work from home has blurred the line that used to separate work and home. Now, the house is the office, and the office is the home. We find ourselves on couches or our bed doing meetings and completing our tasks. The expectation remains the same, but the environment has changed.

Are you are facing productivity Issues or not able to cope up with work from the home setup? Then, this guide is for you. Whether you are new to work from home or looking for some quick tips, here are the top 7 ways you can have a functional and productive workspace at home:

Plan tomorrow, tonight

At the end of the day, while you are still in the working mode, take some time to plan your next day. Planning can be overwhelming when you are doing it first thing in the morning and could twice as long. A short to-do list would be fine and an Urgent -Important Matrix is a great way to prioritize tasks. This matrix is known as the Eisenhower Matrix and it helps in organising tasks into four quadrants by urgency and Importance.

Maintain consistent working hours

Like you used to work in an office, having a schedule can help in balancing the workload and ease the pressure. Plan the start time of your day, and take a mid-day break as you did in the office, and plan at what time you will get off for the day. Also, plan your workflow at the start of your day. Divide your work into chunks, and assign priorities to them.

Desk-scaping and Inspiring ambience

A study conducted by Paper Giant showed that 49% of the employees needed a better working space if they have to work. The problem with this solution is to avoid cluttering, stop piling papers, and get desk-scaping.

Homes are made for relaxing, and offices are made for work. Thus the architecture of both will be different. Offices are more naturally lighted and with ambience encouraging to work. Perks of working from home can be creating a personalized space for work. You could include fresh indoor plants, task lights, fresh flowers, quotes posters that could inspire you in your way.

Socialize: Look for Reasons to Connect

Working from home can be very mundane and monotonous sometimes. It can also result in disconnection, loneliness, and Isolation.

Try connecting with colleagues, family, and friends regularly through phones, Zoom, Google meet, or whatever communication tool you would like to prefer. Try to talk more than just work with co-workers and connect with like-minded people. This will help in easing pressure and eliminating loneliness and Isolation

Eat and Sleep right

It is very common for people working from home to munch during work as we have easy access to the kitchen; it’s easy to grab snacks. Being healthy is very important for a working person, and health directly affects our productivity.

Keep a check on diet.

  • Eat a balanced diet with green leafy vegetables, high protein, and carbohydrates.
  • Include fruits, nuts, and juice.
  • Drink plenty of water.

Sleep is another critical factor that contributes to productivity. One of the perks of working
from home is people get to sleep some extra hours. Due to this, some of us are sleeping
late and binge-watching. But maintaining a proper sleep schedule is very important to
deliver the best results.Exercise regularly

Working from home has made people socially isolated and less moving. This not only affects mental but affects physical health as well. Maintaining good health and good posture should be one topmost priority. Exercising helps in releasing hormones that boost happiness and increase interest levels. As a result, a person will perform better at work.

Maintain Work-Life Balance

It is essential to create a physical boundary between work and home in a work from home setup, but it is even more critical to create a boundary mentally. So, It is important to take the day off at the end of the day – not just from the laptop but also from the mind. Allow yourself to create a work-life balance and spend some time with family and friends.

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26 May, 2021